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Come Back to Social Work

Here at Jobsgopublic, we’re lucky enough to work with some of the very best social care employers in the country. Time and time again, we hear about shortages of experienced social workers.

A decent number of young people continue to enter the sector. They’re driven by a genuine desire to make a difference to the lives of society’s most vulnerable. However, a growing percentage of those who have been social workers for some time are leaving to pursue other ventures. This could be due to disillusionment, exhaustion or simply alternative ambitions, it varies from case to case. In each case, it leaves organisations with a lack of experienced individuals to provide support and set examples for newer recruits.

In an attempt to combat this increasing issue, Jobsgopublic have partnered with the Local Government Association (LGA), Department of Health (DH) and Department of Education (DfE) to launch a brand new scheme.

‘Come Back to Social Work’ aims to encourage former social workers to return to the sector. It offers a free 13-week refresher programme to those that have been out of the sector for less than five years. On finishing the programme, participants should be ready to re-register with the HCPC and return to practice.

The scheme is the brainchild of the LGA. It has been made possible through Jobsgopublic donating their innovative recruitment software and building a dedicated microsite.

It is our hope that the scheme will inject some much needed experience into the sector. Returning social workers provide high levels of care and support to those most in need and aid the development of young social workers.

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