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Candidate Experience – Do you tick all the boxes?

Employer branding is a big buzzword at the moment. It gets thrown around a lot and organisations everywhere are assessing the way their websites and social media accounts impact the perceptions that candidates have of them. Something else that plays a massive role in employer branding but often overlooked is the recruitment process. In particular, […]

Welcoming Chloe – Preparing for a new starter

Your new team member’s first experiences at your organisation can have a dramatic impact on their work over the following weeks. Feeling settled in your environment will always have a positive impact on your productivity and the standard of your work. Making the effort to ensure that your new starter feels welcomed and comfortable will […]

ATS ‘How To…’ Videos

Our friendly support team love answering your questions, no matter how small and are on hand whenever you need them (providing its during office hours, we have to let them out sometimes). However we appreciate that you might not want to have to call them every time you have a question about using your ATS. […]

Representing yourself – Social media

Over the past few weeks we have been discussing the different ways in which your organisation represents itself. So far we have discussed: • Your organisation’s brand • Your people • Your website In this edition I will be discussing the way that your social media accounts represent your organisation and steps you can take […]

Representing yourself – Website

In previous articles we have discussed the importance of your organisation’s brand. So far, we have looked at: • Who are you? – Thinking about company brand • Representing yourself – People In this edition we will discuss the importance of your website and how it will communicate your desired messages. In today’s digital world […]