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What to include on your careers site

Here at Jobsgopublic, we are finding that, in a candidate-driven job market, a growing number are opting for a dedicated careers site as a way to enhance their recruitment efforts. Standing apart from, but very much connected to, your main website, a dedicated careers page allows you to provide a wide range of information specifically […]

Work Life Balance – why your staff working all the time isn’t a good thing

This week marks ‘National Work Life Week’ which aims to promote the importance of employers encouraging a healthy work life balance amongst their employees. Many employers might struggle to see how their staff staying late at the office and working through their lunch breaks as well as at home could possibly be a bad thing. […]

Social Media Basics – Your Personal Professional Accounts

In our recent blog, we discussed the basics of starting your organisation’s social media presence. In this article we will begin to cover your personal professional accounts, initially focusing on LinkedIn. An increasing number of organisations are encouraging members of their teams to have individual social media accounts that are primarily used in a professional […]

Social Media Basics – Your Organisation

So at this point I have no doubt that you’ve been told again and again that your organisation need to be ‘doing social media’ because it is ‘here to stay’. Well I’m here to tell you that…it’s all still true! Social media is becoming an increasingly influential part of modern business with every day that […]

Candidate Experience – Do you tick all the boxes?

Employer branding is a big buzzword at the moment. It gets thrown around a lot and organisations everywhere are assessing the way their websites and social media accounts impact the perceptions that candidates have of them. Something else that plays a massive role in employer branding but often overlooked is the recruitment process. In particular, […]